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  1. gargi says:

    i have a 10 yr old a./c may i open a oew a/c in addition

  2. A.K.Bishwas says:

    My PPF account matured on 28.03.2013. I am not interested in any further extension.I need to withdraw money in 2015 April.
    My querry: Will my account be getting interest @ 8.7% till I withraw the money in 2015,
    My querry may kindly be clarified.


    • sunithbabu says:

      Any time after your account matures i.e. after the 15 year tenure is over, you can withdraw the entire balance using Form C. Interest will continue to be paid on your account and you will receive the total amount including interest up to the last month preceding the month in which you apply for a withdrawal.

  3. sohil says:

    Hello brother,
    I have a ppf account and this will be the 7th year of my PPF.
    I have suggested many people(collegues) to open PPF for saving in 80C.But mostly 80% times my colleagues aren’t interested because of long period of 15 years.Now this lead to me to a different question same will come true for my childrens in future(presently i am unmarried).
    So a doubt has arise in my mind.I know a person can deposit at max 1 lakh in his own and kids account.So suppose as soon as i have a kid i open a PPF account for him/her and deposit say 30K yearly to his/her account(70k In mine as ill have more compounding power).That way until he/she turns 15 or say 16 years they doesnt have to worry about a long lock in and has to worry only about renewing it after every 5 years till they need it.Is such practice allowed? Or after 18 years again a 15 years set in?

    • sunithbabu says:

      You can open one for yourself and one for your child with you being guardian , but overall limit of investments will be 100k only

  4. Ranjit Singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have opened an PPF account in SBI on dated 18.05.2009. I wanted to withdraw some amount from it. Please tell me the exact date to withdraw the amount.
    With Regards

  5. Abul says:

    I am New to this topic i need some clarifications Suppose if I am starting a PPf account in 2014 and i wish to pay 1lak p.a. is it possible for me to pay next years payment in advance and if there is such a possibility is it possible for me to pay me 15 years payment in advance and get the same interest what i will get at the end of 15th year? please clarify me on this topic I am planning to start PPF account soon.

    • sunithbabu says:

      This is not possible. PPF Account accepts investment to max of 1,50,000 INR each year. You cannot make advance payment. However, you can deposit b/w 1st – 5th April in a FY to gain max interest and benefit. Subscribe –

  6. Ranjit Singh says:

    डिअर सर,
    आप मुझे प्लीज यह बताओ कि मैंने 18 मई 2009 को एसबीआई में पीपीएफ अकाउंट खुलवाया था। क्या मैं 18 जुलाई 2014 को चार सालों का डिपाजिट पैसा withdraw कर सकता हूँ?

  7. ajay misra says:

    I have opened ppf ac on 17/01/2001 on what date I can withdraw my amount i.e. completion of 15 years

  8. A K Singh says:

    sir i was opened my PPF Accounts during 1997 and transferred many time from one SBI to another SBI but last 3 year i am getting interest only 4% on my deposit. Neither previous SBI Branch nor present SBI Branch ready to pay my interest as applicable to me. Please advise me what can i do.

    with regards

    A K Singh, SI

    • sunithbabu says:

      Kindly share the details from which state to which state you transferred or within the same state. I will share the bank customer grievance email id / address

  9. A K Singh says:


    Please provide address where i submit my complain regarding interest calculated related
    i am getting only 4% interest on my ppf deposted from last 2 years

    A K Singh

  10. mekala v says:

    hello sir ..i am planning to open a ppf ,is it must i should pay same amount of thousands every month or a yearly total is calculated..for eg.if iam paying 30k 1st 3 months then for next successive months can i pay 20k or 10k like tat to amount to 1,40k per year or 30k all the month in a year,,

  11. chhagan singh says:

    i have already a ppf account in sbi neyveli branch.i have transfered my ppf a/ my home town sbi sadulpur.though the ac/no. is transferred but the amount in that is still held with sbi neyveli.What should i do?

    • sunithbabu says:

      Since you have your ppf in SBI, your tension and worries can be minimum. Since SBI is core banking, you can submit a letter to your new location to transfer the amount, in case the said work is not done, you can escalate the issue to SBI complaints. Simple but effective way to work

  12. Padma Narayanan says:

    My PPf account is maturing on 01/04/2015. I want to deposit for the current fy ending March 2015 in ppf to plan my tax out go for this fy. Can I deposit in my existing ppf account and then withdraw after 01/04/2015.

  13. Himanshu says:

    Dear Mr Sunith.

    I opened PPF account in 2010 in SBI for Rs. 90000/ for 15 Years in Chandigarh Branch. Right now I am working in Jaipur and i have extremely urgent need of this money. Kindly tell me the way out for this.

    Regards / Himanshu

    • sunithbabu says:

      You can withdraw the money after 7 years and take loan after 4 years. Refer the blog for more details on how much to withdraw and take loan

  14. Jay Singh says:

    I open a PPF account in post office dated 6.2.2002 i.e. F.Y. 2001-2002. PPF account matured in 15 year. When I can withdraw the amount which iI deposit in this account.

  15. Sanjay Malhotra says:

    I opened ppf account on 26.2.2000. I have made 15 yearly deposits successfully till my last deposit during 2013-14 and have not deposited any amount after 1st april 2014. The account is going to attain its maturity on 26.2.2015 i.e. at the end of15 years. My first question when shall I get the maturity amount (Bank people are saying that I shall get the money on or after 1st April 2015), If so do I need to make 16 yearly deposit the year 2014-15. Will it get proper rebate for this year under section 80C. (I mean I shall be depositing money in march for 2014-15 and shall receive the money back on 1st April 2015 after availing deduction under section 80c)

  16. Saroj shahdadpuri says:

    I have a ppt account inSBI and completed 15 years. I have extended the same twice. My account will mature in 2018 July. How much amount I can withdraw today.

  17. Vithal Kulkarni says:

    I am opened new PPF account in 20/02/15 ,
    my query is max 12 installments and max 1,50,000/- considering financial year or year from the date of opening.

  18. Pritam chand says:

    SBI is deducting commission on payment of PPF withdrawal amount by banker’s cheque and not remitting through RTGS . Is this right ?

    • sunithbabu says:

      Usually SBI pays the money through cheque. My suggestion is to open a SBI Savings account so that you can avoid this commission business

  19. anuradha Sood says:

    details of ppf

  20. Richa says:

    I wnt to open ppf account. How much i will get after 15 years. If i pay 1500 monthly.

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